The company is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity because of the extensive knowledge and field expertise of the managing member.  The owner has worked in corporate America ranging from the University system to non-profit organizations, and the political area over the last decade and understands the challenges that employees and employers face on a daily basis.

Above & Beyond will provide a wide range of placement services.  Above & Beyond will specialize in the contemporary niche of emerging and established churches, ministries, Christian companies, and bidding projects that will vary as well as extend worldwide allowing services to be outsourced beyond the borders of the United States of America. Above & Beyond will place a wide range of positions from network marketing, office personnel, clerical to Project Managers and Directors.  In addition, transportation and training will be provided by our partner, Imitators of God Foundation, Inc. (I.O.G.) for jobs located outside of Los Angeles County.

Above & Beyond works on a retainer and contingency basis, meaning that they are paid on placement.  This arrangement allows us to work for many different clients at the same time.


Products & Service Plan

 Above & Beyond will distribute brochures that will provide extensive information to the general public, job seekers, and employers regarding the opportunities, services, and the phases that other competitors in this market are not offering that incorporate both, domestic and international servicing.  Most importantly, information regarding local churches and ministries will be supplied that will assist applicants in developing in their inner being.

Phase I entails our short-term goal of providing services throughout the State of California that will expand after 1 year to other parts of the United States and recruiting applicants for special projects for non-profit organizations that encompass working throughout and outside of the United States.  Phase II encompasses a providing jobs to our partner, I.O.G. special project known as the Haitian Project.  Our long-term goal is Phase III that entails importing and exporting of services internationally by providing more than just a job to the applicant, but experience beyond their expectations.

Above & Beyond primary service is to strive in providing a spirit of excellence as well as a complex blend of services unto all clients and applicants.  No other staffing agency provides the variety of jobs ranging from government jobs, construction work,, churches, network  marketing opportunities and more that will be acquired with the assistance of special training consisting of applying biblical principles and other special services that other competitors do not offer. Unlike other employment agencies, Above & Beyond will connect applicants to businesses at no charge.

A Spiritual Counselor will counsel the applicant as well as touch and agree for the job the applicant is qualified and most interested within as specialized and qualified trainers will teach and provide proprietary data consisting of the following criteria.

* If the applicant is determined to be more driven in creating their own business, then we will offer 12-month course that will assist in providing a job to the applicant and create a new business as well.


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