Above & Beyond Staffing Agency is a new placement agency that specializes in placing uneducated and educated people in jobs that fulfill their life and the lives of others.  Above & Beyond is structured like other temporary and permanent placement agencies.  However, it will encompass spiritual enrichment through teaching biblical principles in the training process as well as sharing the good news of the Gospel.  As Jesus Christ served the people, we will serve applicants with all needs from specializing professionals, benchmarker workers, industrial and agricultural workers, etc.

We believe in identifying limitations within people, developing them to become empowered, training them to be effective in the workplace, and positioning them to be successful in the world, which equates to being a “Fisher of Men.”  Our motto of identifying your weaknesses or limitations and then transforming such boundaries into endless opportunities leading to greatness is what we value.  Although many are called and few are chosen, we believe that all are chosen, but few actually go through the process of being strengthened to utilize the gifts and talents the Lord has bestowed upon each and every one of us.  In addition, we believe in operating in a spirit of unity and excellence, which ultimately will serve as a focal point to the success of other businesses.

In order to achieve the desired growth and profitability of the company, a sophistication of posting jobs on our website and advertising for churches, ministries, and other businesses to drive traffic our way will be key to our success.

The long-term vision includes a number of offices throughout the State of California with expansion of offices throughout the United States of America.  Believing that in order to walk in the light, you must first become the light, we are hoping to be the driving force to change that Americans have been awaiting.


The Company

Above & Beyond Staffing Agency is a subsidiary of Recycling Kingdom Dollars, a registered Limited Liability Corporation, founded and owned by Janel Buycks.  Ms. Buycks’ experience entails working in corporate America primarily as an Administrative Assistant whose contacts extend from clerical to CEO positions.  Also, Ms. Buycks’ ability and experience in wearing many hats consists of performing and operating in managerial positions with salary as a clerical position employee. Through knowledge and experience, Ms. Buycks hopes of being efficient, community-oriented, and resourceful will provide decent paying jobs that extend above and beyond the set rate of minimum wage.  Quality and character is what she is seeking to accomplish with plans to place a wide range of clerical, professional educators, government, and executive positions, including programmers, project managers, attorney’s  and CFO’s.  Above &  Beyond will work on a contingency basis, meaning that they will be paid on placement. This arrangement allows them to work for the various clients associated with the agency at the same time.


The Market

Above & Beyond Staffing Agency will be targeting the emerging company market throughout the State of California metropolitan markets. The City of Compton, Long Beach and Los Angeles will be targeted because 1) it is where Ms. Buycks network is located and 2) it is a place where well-established businesses are operating that encompasses great paying jobs and room for growth.

Based upon the Executives Ms. Buycks knows throughout the Los Angeles area, placements with the possibilities of growth emerging creating additional positions will allow for endless employment opportunities for applicants.

The marketing strategy for Above & Beyond will be based solely upon advertising by word of mouth, networking, churches, and postings within local business journals that cater to emerging businesses.



Above & Beyond Staffing Agency is an agency whose primary goal is to provide jobs throughout the State of California to people who have the skills, but lack resources and/or proper training.  Currently, the unemployment rate within the State of California is at its highest ever (10.1%) and increasing, which translates into a loss of 100,000 jobs or more.

The objectives for the first three years include:

  1. To create a service-based company whose primary goal is to exceed the applicant’s and employers expectations.
  2. To become the first and fastest growing company of all time in providing jobs to the people of California as listed by the Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine and other media outlets.
  3. To increase the number of applicants served by 25% or more through excellent service.
  4. To increase the number of people served within inner cities and blighted communities.
  5. To decrease the unemployment rate by 3% or more within the first year.
  6. To bring jobs to Californians and know that this staffing agency is “All about the People.”
  7. To become profitable within the first year of operation.



Our mission is to reduce the unemployment rate within the State of California by offering jobs that incorporate spiritual enrichment and create a family-oriented environment for one to function at their highest potential by working directly with churches, ministries, Christian business owners and/or other companies.  At Above &  Beyond Staffing Agency, we will teach all the pertinent skills necessary in order for a person to excel and succeed in a workplace environment.


Target Market Segment Strategy

Above & Beyond is focused on working primarily with emerging Christian businesses because of the growth and opportunity of leadership that will be available as such companies arise in the economy.  As a company grows, need for staff on hand that serve in the capacity of expanding is key and that’s where Above & Beyond will step in.  Our concentration of extending jobs to everyone by interpersonally interacting with clients and applicants with experience to no experience is our plan.  By working with the Christian industry, we will supply qualified workers fit for vacant positions, but also save the employer time, energy, and valuable resources that are normally used in hiring an applicant.

Furthermore, as more incarcerated people are released from prison, we look forward to serving them by way of providing jobs in the field of construction and/or through various network marketing groups.  As each and every person deserves a chance in life, by way of providing top-notch training that will permit ex-felons to function in society, we hope to decrease the rates of returning prisoners.

By providing internships to youth under the age of 14 and jobs to those who have been incarcerated, unemployed, and with or without degrees, Above & Beyond will ensure to supply work that will be fit for everyone.  In offering a 12-week interactive certification program for young adults ages 14-30, they will effectively learn how to start a business plus complete a business plan.  This program will assist in stimulating the mindset of new age entrepreneurs and entail speakers providing their testimonies in order to encourage applicants that have experienced great hardships.  Also, establishing a personal bank account and understanding the importance of how to manage finances in today’s economy will be apart of this certification program with a special Saturday field trips to business training facilities, businesses, or museums.


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